Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lancome La Base Pro makeup primer

Hey guys, right so i've been looking for a primer that would help keep my skin feeling nourished and most importantly keep my makeup looking the same all day. I wen't home recently and my mom had purchased the Lancome La Base Pro primer so i said i'd give it a go and see what its like, i was amazed with the results, it feels so soft and silky on your skin and the makeup goes on your face more evenly and stayed in place all day, its also very good for your eye area, i put it on as an eye primer and it didn't irritate my eyes or anything and i've very sensitive eyes, it picked up the pigments in my eye shadows and kept it from creasing throughout the day. The one thing i'd say about this primer is use it sparingly, (less is definitely more) and leave it dry into your skin before you put on your foundation, a lot of people have been saying it leaves there skin feeling oily, this is because your foundation is mixing in with the primer before its set. The product itself is oil free and has silicone in it, which tightens pores and uplifts your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.  I have dry skin so i liked this product because it gave my skin a fresh look without leaving it looking oily or dull. It also works very well for oily skin because its oil free and it significantly tightens your pores. Below is a picture of the amount i used, this is one pump full, its spreads really easily, so i don't think you'd need more than this amount.

Its very similar to the smashbox primer, except its cheaper which is definitely a plus :)

It comes in a glass bottle and is $42, £26, €29 which is a bit expensive for a primer but you literally only need the tiniest amount and it will last you a long time. I'm in love with this product and i definitely recommend it if you're looking for an effective primer. i give it a 9 out of 10! :)


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  5. i've been looking for a new primer, i might have to try this out!