Monday, 4 April 2011

false tan- favorite gradual and instant tan! :)

Hey guys, i've a ball coming up in the next two weeks so i've been busy finding a dress, getting my makeup organized and so on. i'm going to fill you in more on that closer to the date with reviews and pictures from the actual ball.

 One of the main things i couldn't go without for an event is false tan. I am naturally very pale and while i don't think the pale look isn't nice,  i just prefer to have a bit of a color for a special occasions like a ball or wedding etc. I don't wan't the orange look that a lot of false tans seem to give you though. I prefer gradual tans that you can build up until you get a color you are happy with.

 The one i've been using for the past few years and love is the St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Body Lotion in light-medium. I love how natural this looks, and because it combines both moisturizing agents and aloe vera along with a touch of bronze it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth with a subtle glow. I recommend this tan if your looking for a natural, moisturizing and streak free tan.

I put this tan on with a tan mitt, although my friend applies it with a glove and finds that works best for her, so its really down to what you prefer and find easier.

St Tropez also produce a tan thats specifically for the face, as the skin on your face is a lot more sensitive, this is the perfect choice. I noticed a few years ago how difficult it is to get your makeup to match the tan on your neck, but since i've started using the St Tropez face lotion, it has rectified this problem and they now match up perfectly, its a gradual tan as well, so what i do is the night before an event i'll put it on my face and let it dry in, you don't need to reapply this more than once if your just looking for a light glow,  however I usually touch it up the next morning before i put my makeup on,  then by the time the event starts the tan has developed into a nice skin kissed color.

I've used numerous other gradual tans before such as Johnson's Holiday Skin and Doves Summer Glow Body Tanning Lotion but i wasn't happy with them, i know a girl in college who swears by the Johnson's tan, she wears it every single day and it looks flawless on her, not a single streak and you'd never think the tan was fake, so i guess it depends on your skin type. I have sensitive skin thats quite pale, so any streaks on me show up way more than on other people. Below is a picture of one arm with the st tropez tan on it and the other without any tan.

As for instant tans, they are great too if you are looking for something for one night, i usually put tan on my legs if i'm going out at night and the tan i think is the best is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Tan in medium glow. This stuff is amazing, its long lasting and even if u spill a drink on it as long as u pat it dry it wont come off, yet it comes off easily with soap and water. Whats great about this tan is its like a foundation, it covers any blemishes you have and makes your legs look smooth and toned. I always have a bottle of it at home, i haven't needed it over the winter months because i've been wearing tights, but now as the weather is starting to improve i'm going to have to say goodbye to the comfort of tights and hello again to my trusty fake tan! Below is a picture of Sally Hansen medium glow tan on one leg and no tan on the other.

So what tan do you guys think is the best?
Let me know! :) xx


  1. Could you post pictures like a before and after of your skin with this product? For example if you use it for three weeks take a picture each week. Also how to you avoid streaks and get all of your body for example your back? I have always had issues with tanning and self tanning so I'm a bit curious. Also how is the smell with these two products?

  2. yea thats what i initially had planned on doing but i left my camera at home last weekend so i couldn't take a before an after picture :( I'm going home on thursday though so i'll try get them up then! :)

    i usually get my friend to do my back for me and to avoid streaks i use an exfoliating shower gel along with a loofa, this helps eliminate the problem.

    As for the smell, the st tropez still has a smell but its not the usual "false tan" smell its a different kind of smell thats unique to st tropez, its a pleasant perfumed smell, but its quite strong so make sure to open a window when applying it.

    The Sally hansen has a really nice smell, well i like it anyway and anyone i've talked to that uses it likes it too... its kind of hard to describe the scent, but its like a nice vanilla musk perfume or something, thats just my opinion though!


  3. Love, love, love your blog!!! Now, I really need to go and purchase the st tropez gradual tan...looks amazing!! Please check out my blog if you have the time xoxoxoxo