Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dance movies!! :)

I LOVE that feeling after you watch a dance movie, when you are so inspired and just wanna get up and dance! I think dvds that have bonus features where you can learn a dance routine are really good. I've always had an interest in dance, from a young age, i just love the freedom and self expression you can achieve through movement!

I just watched step up 3 there, and i really liked it, i'd seen it in the cinema when it was in 3D and i thought that was really cool, sometimes 3D movies work, and others not so much, but i think they choreographed really interesting dance routines that worked well in 3D! My favorite of the step ups will always be the second one, I liked the story line and i love street dance so this movie was definitely more my style. :)

My two favorite dance movie's of all time are "Save the Last Dance"(2001), which stars Julia Styles as Sara and "Dirty Dancing" (1987) which star Jennifer Grey as Baby and Patrick Swayze as Johnny. This movie is an iconic classic, everyone has heard of it, and i believe it was one of the first movies to really stretch the boundaries of dance in a film and all the dance movies that have followed have taken inspiration from this movie. This movie along with Flashdance and Footloose paved the way for future silver screen combinations of love on the dance floor, in other words without these movies there wouldn't be save the last dance or any of the step up movies!

It's both the choreography, and soundtrack to Dirty Dancing along with the incredibly talented cast that makes this movie sensational, and i must say they are pretty convincing actors because in real life they hated each other, its pretty tough to not only pretend to like someone, but to convince millions of people that you are in love so I think they did a great job. This movie is one of my timeless favorites, it's also a musical, which i'm hoping i'll get the chance to see next year.

Save the last dance is an incredible movie that mixes different cultures and styles of dance effectively. As i mentioned before i love street dance, but i also think ballet is incredible, i was never really great at it as a kid though, i was much more into free movement. I think what makes this movie so strong is its story line, right from the beginning it evokes a lot of different emotions in the audience. It shows how dance has the power to change things, dance can overcome social and racial boundaries, and can break down prejudice. As they say in step up 3 "dance isn't just jumping around, it has a vocabulary, its a universal language that brings all kinds of people together" i think that is a perfect description of what dance is. Everyone is equipped with their own beat to follow, and thats your heartbeat, so whether your a great dancer or you consider yourself a bad dancer, the truth of the matter is we're all born dancers, and i think thats why dance movies and programs such as so you think you can dance, americas best dance crew, dancing with the stars and so on are so popular.

Other movies such as center stage, rent, chicago, how she move, dance with me, take the lead, fame, stomp the yard, hairspray, make it happen honey, you got served, and street dance are also great dance movies and if you haven't seen some of these i suggest you check them out! :)

So what are your guys favorite dance movies?
Do you think the remakes such as hairspray and fame did the originals justice?
Let me know xx


  1. Love the blog post! I don't really watch movies since I don't have time with studying. The only time I do watch movies is at the cinemas.

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  2. awh...thanks Jaci!

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