Sunday, 13 March 2011

disney movie remakes number 1- Sydney White

So i've noticed recently that a lot of old disney classics and fairly tales are being remade, the most recent disney movie being "Beastly" and the fairytale being "Red Riding hood"
Beastly is based on the academy award winning movie "Beauty and the Beast" It stars Vanessa hudgens and Alex Petyffer who i recently did a review on for his role in the movie "i am number 4"I haven't seen this movie yet, so i can't give an accurate or non bias review on it, but an observation i made from reading about it is that i'm not sure vanessa Hudgens was the best fit for the role, but i know i'll have to wait and see before i write her off.
Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite movies growing up, and i really hope Beastly will do it justice.
So the first movie i am going to review is "Sydney White" which as i'm sure u've guessed it, is a modern day adaptation of Snow White. I know it was released in 2007, but i only recently saw it and i must say i was impressed, i liked how they turned this disney classic into a modern day version thats very relatable and funny. The movie stars Amanda Bynes as "Sydney White" and although she plays pretty much the same role in all of her movies, i still find her enjoyable to watch, she managed to carve a respectable career starring in movies that, with any other female lead would feel just as stale as the hundreds of others before it, but Bynes' charm and humor manages to give these movies a new lease of life, just like in "She's the Man" which is a modern adaptation of shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" where she surprised critics everywhere by doing a really good job, better than anyone could have predicted. Sydneys character is a tomboy, who was raised by her dad and his fellow construction workers after her mom died when she was 9. She lived a very sheltered life and spent most of her days helping her dad out on the construction site, that is until she gets accepted to SAU, the college her mother wen't to and not only did she go to this college but she was part of the college's most elite sorority Kappa Phi  Nu, so in an attempt to feel connected to her mother she decides she's going to do whatever it takes to become a Kappa. Her dorm roommate when she gets to college is none other than Dinky (Crystal Hunt) who's also a Kappa legacy because her mom too was a Kappa.
Things aren't happily ever after for Sydney though because of the big bad witch on campus Rachel Witchburn (Sarah Paxton) who is out to get her, because first of all she doesn't think Sydney fits the Kappa stereotype and more importantly because her prince charming ex Tyler (Matt Long) showed an interest in her and Rachel would not stand for that so spends the movie plotting to destroy her, the first thing she did was had sydney kicked out of the sorority leaving her nowhere to go except the Vortex, which is an old run down house for people who didn't quite fit in, in any of the other fraternities and sororities. This is where she befriends the 7 dorks, each of them represented the different dwarfs very well, you could tell straight away who was who, we are first introduced to Lenny (Jack Carpenter) who represents sneezy, Sydney bumps into him during a pledging challenge.
She moves into the Vortex and decides that enough is enough, these great guys are being forced to live in a house thats falling apart just because they don't fit the required stereotype to live elsewhere, so she persuades the dorks to run for president, Terrance (Jeremy Howard) being the oldest and smartest steps up to the challenge and all is going well until tragedy strikes and sydney white has to save the day.
I thought there were some very good references in the movie like the hot list website on Rachels laptop was a modern version of the magic mirror, the poison apple was infact an apple laptop and it gets poisoned by a virus, the movie was cleverly written and it was funny and enjoyable to watch. This movie also has a positive message, being that you don't have to be blonde and cookie cutter perfect to be beautiful, and that the Rachel Whichburns of the world don't have a right to make you feel down about yourself.

Overall its' a good teen movie that you can watch again and again.
i give it an 8.5 out of 10 xx


  1. It is a a good moviee!I do like the way that they take an old idea and put a new twist to it. There are so many remakes of older movies and plays out now. 10 things I hate about you the movie and TV show is also a remake of Shakespeare's play Taming of the shrew.

  2. yea there are loads of remakes, Especially Cinderella there have been so many different variations of that movie, such as ever after, a cinderella story and the cinderella with Brandy in it are probably the best known. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried in it... it looks a bit like twilight, which is good :) btw i LOVE 10 things i hate about you! brilliant movie!

  3. I've seent he movie Sydney White quite a few times and each time I watch it I hope it's going to get better. It's just so corner to me and I really want to like it, but it's so hard for me to be entertained by it.

  4. yea true it is corny, but every once in a while i love a good cheesy movie and that and the likes of a cinderella story or clueless. :)