Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Oldie but a goodie- "Popular"

Hey guys, right so i'm not sure if you remember this show but it was definitely one of my favorites. I remember being so disappointed when it was cancelled. The show had a huge fan base, its just none of the shows on the WB network were getting great ratings at the time, i definitely think they should have gotten at least another season. Anyway the show was created by Ryan Murphy, you probably recognize his name, thats because he's also the creator of the hit show Glee. Popular aired back in 1999 and ran for 2 years.   The plot of the series is centered around the lives of two high school students who despise each other but are brought together by their parents abrupt and unexpected engagement.                                        In school they are in completely different circles,  Blonde, wealthy, and sophisticated beyond her years Brooke (Leslie Bib) is the most popular queen bee in the school, along with the vicious and also blonde Nicole (Tammy Lynn Michaels) and Mary Cherry (Leslie Grossman). Then theres Sam (Carly Pope), whose very intelligent and creative especially when it comes to journalism and although she's equally as stunning as her stepsister Brooke, she finds herself an outcast, along with hyper-activist Lily (Tamara Mello), geeky Harrison (Christopher Gorham), and the voluptuous Carmen (Sara Rue)
The series also includes high school jock (Bryce Johnson) and his best friend Sugar Daddy (Ron Lester). Josh fits into the popular clique in school because he is the schools quarterback and is dating Brooke, we realize that he isn't a one trick pony though, he is also interested in drama and music, but is too ashamed to admit it incase his peers wouldn't approve, he goes on and tries out for the school play, despite everything and ends up landing a part in the play. He later falls for activist Lily (Tamara Mello) and theres a lot of drama attached to that relationship along with a pregnancy scare and an unhappy marriage.

 The main drama occurs when Brooke and Sam fall for the same guy, Harrison. This puts a huge strain on their relationship as step sisters, they both ask him to the junior prom, he eventually is forced to choose between them, but we never fins out who he chose.

The series  outlines the perennial divide between the popular kids and everyone else, Popular comments on the inanity of cliques, with Brooke and Sam despite their differences eventually growing close as sisters, but refusing to cross enemy lines at school for fear of judgement. It also provides insight into the state of contemporary teenage angst, with complicated family relationships in which kids play as large a part in the emotional dynamics as do their parents, and a chaotic social system where students desperately try to figure out their identity  and in doing so must fight the labels placed on them by their peers.

It is an emotional, humorous, and witty show that captivated the audience.  
If you haven't seen it before i reccommend you check it out. 

So what did you guys think of it? have any of you watched this show? if so let me know what you thought of it :) xx

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