Sunday, 6 March 2011

I am Number 4 movie review

Hey guys, right so i'm sure you've all heard about the new alien movie whereby these special extraterrestrials from the planet Lorien are the only remainder of their kind and are being hunted by............ no? right thought as much, so  let me rephrase my sentence... you've all heard about the new movie that hottie mc hotster  Alex Pettyfer is in yea?? haha.... better?

Okay so i remember when stormbreakers came out, and i saw this cute blonde dude in it...and i thought to myself.. he's going to be hot when he's older... and BAM... few years later he was in Wild Child and i think thats when he stole the hearts of teens and adults everywhere, and theres no sign of him slowing down any time soon. He stars in the movie I am number 4 along side glee's Dianna Agron who he recently just spilt from, they were sharing a house and everything?... little crazy seein as they knew each other a whole of what... a week?? ... right maybe a few weeks.. but still.. its nuts, although if i was Dianna i'd have been more than happy to shack up with him... even it had just been a day... hmm.... right back to the review, so basically the movie is exactly what it says in the tin, he's one of 9 extraterrestrials that are living on earth and are being hunted down by the Mogadorians, which are basically a group of weird freaky looking guys who's goal in life is to destroy these 9 extraterrestrials one by one. and at the start of the movie you see number 3 being killed, so then John Smith (alex) who shockingly enough is number 4 and his guardian henri are constantly on the run, barely staying one step ahead of the Mogaadorians.
They flee to Ohio to a small town called Paradise, where John falls for the sweet Sarah (Dianna) who's a budding photographer and befriends the schools nerd Sam (Callan McAuliffe) which does nothing to help him stay inconspicuous, it instead has the opposite effect and attracts the attention of the schools alpha males, and the leader of the pack Mark James (Jake Abel) who just so happens to be Sarahs ex so he gets all kinds of jealous when Sarah and John start hanging out.
The movie didn't have much substance, Sarahs character lacks charisma and depth, and Alex Pettyfer emotes precious little emotion throughout the movie, though he was indeed easy on the eyes, i don't believe he did the character justice, although he didn't do a terrible job.
In the end the Mogadorians catch up with Number 4, and thats when the movie goes from a normal teen movie to a sci-fi movie... or an attempt at a sci-fi movie, it was more like a cheap video game.
Number 6 makes herself known towards the end of the movie, and i think she was a good character and should have been incorporated into the movie more, she's a fiesty bad ass who helps John in the battle against the Mogadorians, then these, what i can only describe as weird beasts came on screen, it was like watching jurassic park or something, i feel like the director tried to incorporate too many different aspects into the movie instead of focusing on the actual story line and the characters.

The movie itself was confusing, there were a lot of gaps in logic throughout the movie and there were also a lot of eye rolling moments, but overall John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) made the movie watchable, and the nerd Sam was entertaining to watch, he was a good fit for the role.
If you're looking for a good sci-fi action movie then i don't recommend this, although if you want to see a bit of a brainless movie with an unbelievably hot male character, then this is the movie for you, theres also a scene where he's shirtless... so watch out for that. :P

I give the movie a 6 out of 10 and had Alex Pettyfer not been in this movie, it would have gotton a 3.


  1. This seems like it might be an okay movie:) did you read the book?

  2. yea it wasn't a great movie, but was still watchable, and Alex is gorgeous so if you like him, you'll find the movie okay! haha

    nope i haven't read the books, i've been meaning to tho, i'm currently reading the house of night series, have you read them? they're a nice easy read, kinda like twillght meets hogwarts! :)