Saturday, 26 March 2011

Songs I'm loving at the mo!

I've been really into upbeat songs at the mo, like dance songs, which is a huge change from 3 weeks ago when i was into songs like someone like you by adele and jar of heats by Christina Perri, i guess with the weather improving, my song preference is changing also.

The song i have on repeat on my ipod at the moment is:
Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull- on the floor
I think this is a great song to get you in the mood for going out or dancing, it has a good beat to it and the music video is pretty cool.... JLO is back!! ha
Another song to get you in the mood for going out is David Guetta feat snoop dog- sweat.

Funny song i can't stop listening to is:
Lonely Island- I just had sex
This song is hilarious, i love lonely island, they've had numerous hits such as i'm on a boat and jizz in my pants and the creep. The people who perform in the music videos are from SNL (saturday night live) so are comedians, all of their songs are meant for entertainment purposes, they aren't to be taken seriously, but yea celebrities are now asking to be part of their videos, their newest one includes akon, jessica alba and blake lively.  If you like funny videos then check them out on youtube, you'll be surprised by how catchy they are.

Other songs i'm loving at the moment are:
Chipmunk Feat Chris Brown- Champion
You me at 6- Rescue me
Nicole Scherzinger- Don't hold your breath
Jessie J- Price Tag

Song i'm NOT liking at the mo:
Rebecca Black- friday
When i first watched her music video i genuinely thought it was a skit, like the lonely island videos, so i was shocked when i realized that she actually wanted to be respected as an artist, and believed that her song was going to be a hit (it did become a hit but not in the way she had hoped it would) thats when i felt bad for the girl, like the amount of negative publicity she's getting must be tough, but as the saying goes any kind of publicity is good publicity, Already Simon Cowell is in talks with her, so even though the song is terrible, she must be doing something right, She's definitely put herself on the radar. I wonder what her next song will be called? possibly about a month or season, or maybe she'll stick to talking about days of the week and the tough decisions she faces every day like which seat she should sit in.

Anyway theres a lot of good music out at the mo, and if you're from outside ireland you'll prob have heard of all these songs long before me.

Let me know what your favorite song(s) are at the moment and what song you cant stand! :) xx


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment.

    Have you heard the songs:
    My Jeans - Jenna Rose
    Jam (Turn It Up) - Kim Kardashian

    I think those are equal to Rebecca Black's Friday.

    Thanks for the follow.


  2. no problem! :)

    and nope i haven't my jeans yet, i was told its terrible though... so i'm debating whether or not i'll actually listen to it!

    i HAVE heard turn it up....and oh my dear god, that girl should stick to reality tv. singing is not one of her talents, that song is horrendous! haha x